The Language of Learning

Today at church I sat by a grandmom, Nina, who is from the Ukraine. She has lived here for several years, but is still quite limited in the English language. I was holding a friend’s very wiggly baby when Nina motioned to me that she would like to help hold […]

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Faithful Provisions’ Go Fly a Kite Giveaway

Congratulations to Lina, Brenda, and Becca, the winners of Faithful Provisions’ giveaway of Karen’s book, Go Fly a Kite! Ten Surprising Strategies for Success in Your Homeschool. From October 17-25, 2010, Kelly Hancock with Faithful Provisions offered a giveaway of three copies of Go Fly a Kite. Winners were drawn […]

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Homeschoolers on Vacation: Three Pack-and-Plays and a Drawer

I love the simplicity of “making do or doing without”. Before any family endures financial hardship or worse, goes into debt for curricula, they need to re-evaluate the message they are conveying to their children. Because most of us are one income families, we had better be in the mode of making wise financial decisions. If you are feeling pressured to buy into expensive teaching materials, seek counsel from an older homeschooling mom.

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The Call to Homeschooling and Cardio

The other night at church, a girl giving her testimony said she was unsure whether she was ever “called” to something. When we started homeschooling 27 years ago, I had NO idea what I was getting into! I had no grandiose plans of spending much of my adult life doing this. It is only in looking back that I see God’s calling in this area of our family life.

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Navigating the Homeschooling Waters

I do not choose to do “year-round school,” and yet there is never a day that learning does not take place. Our choice of homeschooling is hard. Do not believe anyone who says that it is carefree and constant fun. I personally love a break during the summer to re-charge […]

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