Trials, Brats and Suitcases

It has been a rough couple of weeks for our family—which is no different from yours at any given time! It seems to me that we try excessively hard to shield our children from every bad thing that happens. Sometimes this can be a terrible disservice to them. We rob […]

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Persimmons and Dave Letterman’s Mom

I love all the new technology–emails, texts, and blogs–but I DO miss some old-fashioned things: like non-refereed backyard football games, car trips where the license plate alphabet game was the highlight of many miles and you played the game together, being bored in the summer…and home-canned foods. I only know […]

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Learning Never Stops

Last week, we were so thankful to be able to take all the kids and grandkiddoes to the beach for our annual vacay. There is probably no greater feeling than to have all my chicks in the nest (for a while anyway) and see them SO enjoy being together! Luke […]

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New Website in Progress!

I’m getting really excited about the development of the new website! Sixth grade is going strong for us—I love having an inquisitive, kinesthetic learner! Today, we studied some random history of the Chinese people involving the abusive treatment of binding feet of the women many years ago. We did some […]

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My First Blog Post

Thanks to my son in law and my friends for getting me on the internet! This was a hard start for me because I had to choose a blog title. As I looked at other blogs, I ruled out “Go Fly A Kite”, because it seemed that the title needed […]

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