Go Fly a Kite: A Great Christmas Gift!

Happy Holidays!

As you think about what gifts to give to this Christmas, remember that giving Karen’s book, Go Fly A Kite: Ten Surprising Strategies for Success in Your Homeschool, is a great way to show someone you love them and support them on their homeschooling journey. Full of fun stories and great tips on homeschooling and parenting, Go Fly A Kite offers encouragement to Moms (and Dads!) who find themselves at any point along the homeschooling path, from the beginner with her first child to the seasoned veteran starting on her fifth child. Karen covers how to handle big picture events and as well as the day-to-day tasks of homeschooling, and she does it all with laughter and humility.

So, as you find yourself getting gifts for your loved ones this Christmas, don’t forget to get a few copies of Go Fly A Kite and show them how much you care!