Homeschooling is NOT a Snooze

Since learning of our FOURTH expected grandchild, I remembered how one of our own kiddoes never slept through the night until he was 18 months old. I recall getting up in the middle of cold, dark nights and sitting up in a creaky rocker, nursing. After many months of this, I almost started resenting his hunger and my resulting lack of sleep – until one night, I felt that God was telling me that this was our special time just to talk. That perspective made all the difference in my attitude.

Last night, after listening to Tim snoring for HOURS, I had that same resentful feeling—of somebody else robbing MY sleep. I prayed, nudged him, planned my day today, nudged him again, prayed some more, and then really started kicking him. However, sometime in that non-restful, non-quiet time, when I was praying for my mom, I thought about my mom and dad’s 51-year marriage which ended when he went home to heaven three years ago. I know without a doubt that she would LOVE to be beside his wall-shaking snoring again. Again, that perspective shamed me…and I went back to nudging instead of kicking. Even though I realize how much I LOVE my sleep at this stage in my life, I decided to write some more tonight in this blo……….ZZzzz