How to Have the Perfect Nap

My son Luke was listening to an Apologia science lesson, and my granddaughter Maggie was dancing to a song playing from a show on the children’s TV channel Qubo. I was holding my newest grandson Wyatt watching him sleep so peacefully in my lap and thinking of my daughter, his mom, who was upstairs also taking advantage of this time to nap (both her kiddoes had a crazy night).

And so I began thinking of where some of my best naps have been. I remembered coming home from college and just crashing on the couch at my parents’ house. I also recalled the many times I have stayed up all night helping friends through the experience of natural childbirth, and how, when I would return home after one of these all-nighters, my husband Tim would offer to do whatever needed to be done in order for me to try to catch up on sleep.

The common thread I noticed in all these sleeping stories is that the best nap is one where you know you do not have any responsibilities. If I ever try to grab some sleep while I am the only parent home, I know rest will be fitful and interrupted. Whenever I tried to get a quick nap in the afternoon in my rowdy college dorm… well, you can imagine how much sleep I didn’t get. And today, my daughter would never attempt to get rest while her two children (only 20 months apart!) were awake… unless she knew that I, Nonni, was in charge!

This makes me think of true rest in heaven…where my Father is in charge! And if I truly believe God is, indeed, in charge even here, then I can rest now, too. He calls, equips, disciplines, comforts, sanctifies. He does it ALL, and I can rest in that!

The “shoulds” in homeschooling can rob us of assurance, joy, peace, and rest. If we walk obediently where He reveals, refuse to compare ourselves and our kiddoes with others, and take intentional times of rest, relaxation, and renewal, we will experience much more success and joy than if we are constantly worried that we are not doing enough.

Live in this moment with Him — and rest!