My First Blog Post

Thanks to my son in law and my friends for getting me on the internet!

This was a hard start for me because I had to choose a blog title. As I looked at other blogs, I ruled out “Go Fly A Kite”, because it seemed that the title needed to be who I WAS. “The Kite-Flying Mama” sounded a little too motorcyclish, and “The Canning Mama” sounded way too domestic–even though I do can and I do fly kites. I wanted “Your Mom Goes to College” or “Dynamite Homeschooler” because I LOVED Napoleon Dynamite–but that didn’t seem to define what I wanted to write about. If I chose “Homeschool Diva” or worse,”Homeschool Queen”, I would immediately make enemies and be stretching the truth. In the spirit of homeschoolers always comparing our children to others, I guess I could have chosen “My Kids are Better than”, but again, stretching the truth. 🙂

So, because I believe that we homeschoolers are doing amazing things while balancing extraordinary loads, I decided to go with “The Plate Spinner”. I have made many mistakes over my 25 years in the field, but thankfully, my children are not four of them. I have written a book entitled Go Fly A Kite: Ten Surprising Strategies for Success in Your Homeschool, and I hope to share here some of what God has taught me over the years.

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