Persimmons and Dave Letterman’s Mom

Persimmon fruitI love all the new technology–emails, texts, and blogs–but I DO miss some old-fashioned things: like non-refereed backyard football games, car trips where the license plate alphabet game was the highlight of many miles and you played the game together, being bored in the summer…and home-canned foods.

I only know a couple of other women who can vegetables from their garden and teach this to the next generation. I say this because this week, Luke and his homeschooled friend picked and harvested two gallons of ripe persimmons on our property. I make several desserts from these delicious sweet fruits, but they are practically unknown these days. Persimmon pudding is one of our favorites–and the only other place I have seen it was in an old cookbook by David Letterman’s mom called “Indiana Persimmon Dessert”. Sometimes we need to reach back into the past..and grab some goodness!