Seminar & Workshop Topics

Karen has developed many seminar and workshop topics on homeschooling, and she is available to speak on these and other homeschooling topics.  To schedule Karen for a speaking engagement, contact her through our contact page.

Seminar Topics:

Homeschooling All the Way

Middle School, High School and College Prep (day-long seminar)

Workshop Topics : (1 – 1 ½ Hours each)

Getting Started the Right Way
Practical, proven methods and strategies teaching the what, why, when and how of effective home education. You can balance academics, character training, and home management in the midst of a normal chaotic homeschooling environment. Karen can show you how it can be FUN!

Multi-Level Learning (or Three Teens and a Toddler)
There really are workable strategies for teaching several ages at once! How best to structure learning where everyone benefits and mom is happy.

Been there, done that, now what? – Pursuing Purpose with a Passion
Would you love to recapture the joy and committed purpose you first experienced in the beginning home education? To live day by day under unfinished conditions is an ongoing act of courage and faith. In order to keep your edge sharp you need to regain your focus, nourish your spirit, and learn to maximize the most important hours of your day.

Avoiding Burn-Out
Stress, fatigue, and depression are all red flags of overload. Karen will define danger zones and discuss encouraging and practical solutions.

The Plate Spinner: Maintaining Balance Through Motivation
Homeschooling moms today are spinning multitudes of plates on precariously tilting poles. Do you feel as though you are walking on a tightrope of sanity balancing one too many things? How can we do all that we’re called to do?! Learn how to add joy, energy, and enthusiasm to your fully committed lifestyle.

Sending Our Children Forth as Adults
Our children are a living message we send to a time we’ll never see: we are training them for eternity. How to surrender our expectations to God and learn to let go of our young adults.