Sheep and Sweet Potato Poop

Sweet Potato PoopWe have just finished being with family over Thanksgiving…what a blessing! I hope all you parents are INTENTIONALLY making meaningful memories by noticing all the giftings of your particular family.

My brother-in-law and sis-in-law have been raising sheep this year. It is FASCINATING watching them grow from newborn lambs to soft, fluffy, personality-filled ewes and rams. Every Scripture I ever read about Jesus being the Good Shepherd and us being His sheep came to life as all the kiddoes and I watched Alan and Anita call, separate, feed, and caress their “babies”. The obvious love that they both felt for these sheep (who DID know Alan’s voice and came running to him) was so amazing. We all learned so many lessons that afternoon – including how wishy-washy and easily led all sheep are!!

On the way home from our relatives’ house, I got a phone call from our daughter, who is the mom of our only grand-daughter. Our little Maggie has the disconcerting habit of storing up everything in her tummy for 7 or 8 days, and then having a massive explosion. Anyway, Danielle was with her in-laws for the holidays, and they were outlet-shopping the day after Thanksgiving. They were loading her into the car to go back to the in-laws for holiday dinner (including Maggie’s new favorite: sweet potatoes) and family photos(!), when ALL HECK broke loose in her diapers. Danielle had only 8 wipes, and sweet potato poop was soon all over Maggie’s clothes, her carseat, her body (up to her neck in the back), and the car backseat. No more wipes or clothes–so they had to ride all the way back to his folks with that wonderful sight and smell.

The point is that, in families, sweet potato poop HAPPENS. You have to forget the image of a perfect family, try to ignore the worst smells, and clean it up together. You HAVE to be real and transparent if you want real relationships….. enjoy the reality of family together!