The Call to Homeschooling and Cardio

The other night at church, a girl giving her testimony said she was unsure whether she was ever “called” to something. When we started homeschooling 27 years ago, I had NO idea what I was getting into! I had no grandiose plans of spending much of my adult life doing this. It is only in looking back that I see God’s calling in this area of our family life.

God can use any tool He wants to shape us into the kind of vessels He needs for His purposes. He introduced us to, called us to, and equipped us to do this radical form of education for our kiddoes. He has been faithful to raise up finances, resources, and energy for us to keep doing this.

In order to maintain energy for the task of home education, we all need to do some cardio. The only workout that works is the one you will DO. So choose an activity that appeals to you for this season, and be diligent about it. You WILL change at some point–and this is good for your enjoyment-and your physical health (after many repetitions, you actually have to “trick” your body into responding).

I also “trick” or bribe myself into doing some things that I know are good for me in the long run. I sometimes read 2 or 3 books at once–rewarding myself with the “want-to read” after I have finished part of the “should-read”. I plan fun educational family outings after we complete hard studies.

Our family works hard together–and we play well together—but I believe we are called to do the first before we get to enjoy the second. Work it out!!