Welcome from Karen

Although any family’s history is subject to faulty  memory, incomplete data, and revisionist thinking, my desire is to  encourage all who visit this site to realize that amazing relationships can  spring out of following God’s calling. And if you gather little bits of  wisdom and insight in the process, even better. In the attempt to  chronicle the heritage handed down to me, I hope to show how each member  of our family boldly fought against the common culture to make a  difference in our lives, both now and eternally.

The Call to Revolutionary Thinking

In the early 1980s, families across America  were hearing the same call to a revolutionary way of thinking—a radical  re-invention of how families operate—and a call to self-sacrifice. In  sharing my family history, I hope to show how God prepared us for just  such a time.

Homeschooling Through Trial and Error

Most every worthwhile homeschool experience  develops through trial and error. There is no “one size fits all”  formula to guarantee success. But there are certain elements which  should be included in every home education process.

Karen’s New Book – Go Fly a Kite: Ten Surprising Strategies for Success in Your Homeschool

It is my prayer that incorporating the ten simple strategies explained in my book will enable you to reach heights you can only  imagine.
  1. Create
  2. Pray (and then plan!)
  3. Read
  4. Memorize
  5. Simplify
  6. Grow
  7. Appreciate
  8. Serve
  9. Laugh
  10. Fight
These ten chapters will challenge you to venture into the not-so-scary unknown and will propel you forward into God’s great plan—letting you SOAR LIKE A KITE!

About Karen
A wife, mother, author and speaker, Karen has homeschooled for 25 years and has a heart to encourage and equip women for all they are called to do. She has been a guest on several local TV stations and is a highly-requested speaker throughout the southeast for church groups, homeschool groups and civic organizations. She is completing her masters degree in counseling and teaches Bible studies and literature classes to homeschoolers. An energetic, enthusiastic, veteran home educator, she has spoken to and motivated thousands. She has homeschooled a doctor, an accountant and a nurse but is queasy at the sight of blood and cannot balance her own checkbook.